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The Unique Character of Ocsar Fish

If you’re looking for a pet that has some personality to it, but aren’t interested in the smell or the care involved with dogs or cats, why not consider an Oscar fish? Yes, a fish can have personality. At least the Oscar fish do, anyway. You’re probably thinking that all fish do is swim around and eat in their tanks. If you’ve ever owned or gotten to know the Oscar fish variety, you’d know how untrue that really is. Oscars have become a popular fish species in recent y...


The Six Most Common Health Risks to Your Tropical Fish

Tropical fish can be an enjoyment to have around. You want them to live as long as possible, but sometimes they can be threatened by preventable ailments. Here are some common health issues tropical fish can face and how to eliminate them so your fish will thrive in your care. • Nitrate, ammonia and carbon dioxide poisoning - Too much waste gathered in the tank can raise the PH level of the water and can cause bacterial harm to some tropical fish. Be sure to keep their tanks clean, keep proper aerat...


Setting Up Your Home Aquarium the Right Way

Tropical Fish are popular and fun to have around. People can get hours of enjoyment from watching their fish swim around in their environment. They can be relatively easy to take care of as long as you do your homework before getting your own tropical fish. If you’re thinking of getting some tropical fish for your place, here are 5 tips to keep in mind when setting up an aquarium for them to live in. 1) Make sure you get a tank large enough for the fish you’ll be putting into it. Plan ahea...


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